[Caregiving Essentials] Shifting Caregiver Identities with Dr. Zachary White

Presented on: Monday, March 11th at 12:00 PM EDT

Caregiving Essentials

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Are you or is someone you know a caregiver? Boost your caregiving knowledge with the Caregiving Essentials Webinar Series which is part of a free online course offered by McMaster Continuing Education.

This month, join host Donna Thomson as she welcomes Dr. Zachary White.

Undoubtedly, the caregiver experience changes those taking on this role profoundly and permanently. But how does that transformation take place? How does caregiving change us and the relationships we have with those closest to us, exactly?

Join Donna Thomson in her conversation with Dr. Zachary White, Associate Professor of Care Communications at Queen's University in Charlotte, North Carolina and the co-author with Donna of their book, The Unexpected Journey of Caring: The Transformation of Loved One to Caregiver. This will be a sensitive and thoughtful deep dive into the personal transformation that caregiving thrusts upon us.

We will give away 10 copies of Donna and Dr. White's book to 10 lucky attendees through a randomized draw.

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