Who Cares about Caregiving in Canada? With André Picard

Did you know one in four Canadians provides unpaid care or help to a family member or a friend with a long-term health condition, a physical or mental disability, or aging-related needs? If you are an unpaid, or paid, individual in a caregiving role, the McMaster Continuing Education Caregiving Essentials course and webinar series will provide you with relevant and meaningful information to help you as a caregiver. Join us as we kick off this year’s webinar series with guest speaker Andre Picard. Canadian news readers depend upon Globe and Mail columnist and author Andre Picard to tell personal stories of healthcare injustice and use them to advocate for system change. Tune in as Donna Thomson, caregiver, author, advocate, and educator engages in a thoughtful and lively chat with Andre Picard about the future of caregiving, aging, illness and disability in our country. Caregivers and their families should be "neglected no more” because they deserve nothing less.

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