Caregiving Essentials | Caregiving Support in Canada: Change is Coming!

Presented on: Tuesday, June 13th at 12:00 PM EDT

Caregiving Essentials

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Are you or is someone you know a caregiver?

Boost your caregiving knowledge with the Caregiving Essentials Webinar Series which is part of the free Caregiving Essentials course offered by McMaster Continuing Education.

This month, join host Donna Thomson as she welcomes Christa Haanstra, co-chair of Caregivers CAN - a lived experience group informing the work of the newly created Canadian Centre for Caregiving Excellence (CCCE).

Tune in to discover what happens when passionate individuals come together to share experiences, advocate for meaningful change and co-design practical solutions to help caregivers. Learn about how your voice matters, how to join Caregivers CAN and what you can learn at the National Caregivers Summit in November of 2023!

After the formal webinar, guests are invited to stay for a less informal discussion where you can exchange ideas and learn how you can contribute, or help others with your own knowledge contribute, to the caregiving movement that will usher in the necessary support and change we need in Canada.

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