Advancement Series: Improving Town and Gown Relations - A Case Study for Alumni Offices to Improve Community Connections

Presented on: Wednesday, June 10th at 1:00 PM EDT

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This webinar will review a many year initiative at Illinois State University to improve community relations that had previously been cold at the best of times. A combination of many strategies were used to better integrate students and alumni with opportunities in the local community for volunteering, civic engagement, supporting local businesses and working together to solve issues between the university and town. The results have been a dramatically better working relationship between the town and institution which has led to many shared programs, opportunities for students, more alumni returning to campus for events and much more. If your institution sees your local town as an impediment to your goals more often than not, then this webinar will be sure to spark ideas to improve that relationship. The webinar will be presented by Jamie Sennett and Stephanie Duquenne from the Alumni Engagement Office at Illinois State.