Alumni Learning Consortium

Partnership of Schools Working Together To Create High-Quality Learning Opportunities For Their Alumni

We created the Alumni Learning Consortium in 2019 with a dozen partner universities to make it easier for schools to create more and better online programs for their alumni communities. The result: a host of customizable online offerings that allow you to reach more alumni with minimal staff time.

We now have more than 250 partner schools and offer extensive programming options for alumni organizations looking to scale up their online offerings.

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Of Alumni Will Engage In At Least 1 White Label Webinar Each Year


Will Engage In 5 Or More White Label Alumni Webinars Each Year


Of Participants Will Have Never Previously Been Engaged
More and Better Online Alumni Programs

What We Offer

We help alumni associations create more and higher-quality online programs to drive engagement. Experience the only online events platform designed exclusively for alumni associations. Bring dozens of best-selling authors and thought leaders to your alumni each year with minimal cost and staff time. 


White Label Webinars

Offer top-notch programming from best-selling authors and career experts for alumni of all life stages, all under your own brand. You get the credit for dozens of amazing new online programs each year without needing to create anything yourself.


Livestream Platform

Experience the only online events platform designed exclusively for alumni associations. Easily host webinars and live stream campus events to alumni around the world, all branded for the institution.


Virtual Alumni Book Clubs

Use the power of books to engage hundreds or thousands of your alumni who have never been engaged before in a meaningful community. Our team of book club managers handle every detail of the program and you can select books written by alumni and faculty to connect back to your community.


Online Alumni Courses

Online courses are 4 to 10 week deep-dive programs where alumni can go far deeper into a business, personal growth or lifelong learning topic than any webinar can offer. We manage everything to deliver courses from an expert facilitator with the option for you to customize further to your community.

Resource Library

Resource Library

The resource library comes preloaded with hundreds of career, professional and personal growth resources for your alumni. The tool also allows you to create searchable databases of interesting resources created by alumni and faculty, such as a podcast library, career resource hub, or an alumni author “bookshelf”.

Professional Society and Support

Professional Society and Support

Connect with other consortium members to learn best practices and find out what really works for alumni associations seeking to engage and offer value to their alumni. Our team will also provide dedicated training and support to help you reach your goals.

Our 250+ Members Include

University Of Maryland
Oklahoma State University
New York University
San José State University
Kansas City Kansas Community College
James Madeson Univeristy
Rockford University
Malvern Prep
Skidmore College
Illinois State University
McMaster University
College of Saint Benedict
Furman University
University of Kansas
Florida GCU
Miami University
Bryant University

Provide Dozens of New Online Events Each Year From Top-Tier Speakers

Our white label webinars offer 3 to 4 new programs each month that are branded for your institution. We feature best-selling authors and thought leaders who would typically charge $10,000 to $50,000 to speak at a single event. These programs allow you to offer the general professional development and career programming that alumni of all institutions are asking for so you can focus on creating more customized events that tie back specifically to your community.

Below are a few of the best-selling books written by past ALC white label webinar speakers:


Create Beautifully Branded Online Events

The event creation platform will help your association brand content for your school much more than traditional webinar platforms and allows you to live-stream physical events on campus. Your community will be excited to attend your online programs instead of feeling like it’s more time on their computer screen. And it gives you much more to help you stand out, including:

Create unlimited events and invite unlimited participants
Simultaneously stream multiple events
Automatically record registrant Alumni ID numbers
Automatically send reminder emails and thank you email with the event recording
Track and aggregate event analytics across your programming
Automatically caption live and recorded events for accessibility
Livestream campus events such as a presidential address, the homecoming parade, or student performances
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Online Book Clubs to Connect Alumni Around the World

Book clubs are a powerful way to connect your community together regardless of participants age, geography or time zone. Our expert facilitators manage every detail of a program to customize the experience to your goals and the interests of your community.




Portion Of Program Participants Who Have Previously Never Been Engaged


Portion Of Program Participants Who Are Still Engaged After One Year

Program features include:

Reading and discussing five books per year
Fully managed by our expert book club managers
Discussion takes place through an online forum built specifically for book clubs
Alumni can participate from anywhere and at any time that is convenient
The programs scales to allow hundreds or thousands of alumni to engage
We line up live Q&A events from best-selling authors for each book
Book selections can be customized to read books by alumni and faculty authors
Analytics of who signed up and and how engaged they are in each book discussion
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Deep-Dive Online Alumni Courses

Webinars and faculty lectures can be great for engagement but alumni often need deeper learning experiences to really have an impact on their personal and professional development. Online courses allow a cohort of hundreds of your alumni to engage in a 4 to 10 week learning experience led by an expert facilitator. Content is pre recorded so alumni can work through each module in their own time while still engaging with the larger group throughout the course. Key features of our online courses include:

Course topics vary and can target different segments of alumni such as young professionals, alumnae, retirees and entrepreneurs
We coordinate the platform and expert facilitators so offering each course requires minimal staff time
Alumni can engage with each other and the facilitator through an online discussion group throughout the course
Alumni who complete each course earn a certificate that can be added to their LinkedIn profile
Analytics of who signed up and completed the course

Love From Our Learners

We love our customers and participants. And they love us! Here’s what some of them have to say about what we do.

“ALC came to our aid when everything was going virtual. We’ve been able to engage thousands of alumni through ALC’s platforms who we might not have reached otherwise. We would recommend ALC to alumni organizations of any size who want to offer valuable virtual programming that’s affordable and easy to manage.”
Chase Carter
Director of Marketing and Engagement Systems, Oklahoma State University
“We’ve been able to engage a larger population of alumni with the ALC platform . . . The white label content really helps us bulk out our engagement offerings without taking up staff time or resources. We love that everything is built for us, including marketing images and copy to assist with promotion.”
Amber Medenhall
Event Coordinator, Washington State University
“The ALC has broadened our scope and allowed us to reach new audiences. Prior to the ALC, we were lucky to coordinate 6 professional and personal development webinars per year – now our numbers have multiplied, and our alumni participation underscores their value. It’s a win win for a small alumni team.”
Robin Warde
Bryant University
“Having the Alumni Learning Consortium facilitate all aspects of attractive webinars, and having them appear as though they come from our office, is magical! I have been able to engage with a whole new group of alums. I would absolutely recommend other schools joining ALC.”
Jody Donaldson
Kirkwood Community College
“The ALC has allowed us to easily offer high quality virtual events – and engage a wider population of our community without being constrained by geographical location. Once we got up and running, this is an incredibly easy platform to use, the team at ALC is responsive and helpful, and it helps fill in programming gaps by providing consistent diverse virtual events.”
Carissa Miles
Skidmore College
“The webinars and resources offered to our alumni, friends, and students have been a terrific complement to our program. We can showcase interesting speakers and topics through our partnership with ALC, further increasing the benefits to our McMaster alumni community.”
Karen McQuigge
Director, Alumni Engagement, McMaster University

Provide Amazing Alumni Experiences

Create Great Digital Content Experiences With Little To No Added Effort

Alumni will still expect great online programs from their alma mater even after the pandemic. While some schools will reduce the number of online events they produce as they return to more in-person programs, more alumni will ask if those events can be live-streamed. And they will still want professional development webinars like our white label content.

We make it effortless for alumni associations to go digital and stay digital.

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