Alumni Learning Consortium

Schools and colleges working together to create high quality learning opportunities for their alumni.

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What We Do

We help alumni associations create more and higher quality online programs to drive engagement.

Livestream Platform

Easily host webinars and livestream events to alumni around the world, all branded for the institution. No limits on the number of events or participants.

White label Webinars

Top notch programming from best selling authors and career experts for alumni of all life stages. Plug and play so no need to manage one more thing.

Professional Society

Connect with other consortium members to learn best practices and what really works. Help your entire team develop professionally.

Expert Support

Everything we do is specificially designed with alumni associations in mind so our training and support is exactly what you need to succeed.

Livestream Platform Features

Engage alumni around the world with webinars and livestreams of campus events.

  • Unlimited events, registrations and viewers
  • School branded microsite that allows alumni to register for upcoming livestreams, view livestreams and watch past events
  • Analytics of who registered and attended each program
  • Personalized screen views that allow branding on screen with support for webinars, panel discussions and streaming in-person events
  • Seamless integration with white label livestreams created by ALC
  • Annual fund donation request on registration page of each online event
  • Great technical support and platform training

White label Webinar Programs

Engage thousands of alumni with webinars from top tier presenters that you don't have to produce.

The Alumni Learning Consortium produces two to four webinars per month that are open to alumni of all member schools. These webinars cover a range of career, life stage and lifelong learning topics to enage different segments of your alumni. Each webinar is "white labeled" meaning that the event is branded for your school on your alumni webinar page so it is a seamless watch experience for your alumni. The Consortium is able to bring top presenters to your alumni due to the size of our network and you can choose which white label events to share with your alumni.

About Us

Our mission is to help alumni associations engage their constituents to offer more and better
online engagement programming than each school could offer on their own.

Our Story

The idea for the Alumni Learning Consortium began when University of Maryland's alumni engagement director, Jeff Williams, brought up a challenge to Zach Rubin from Professional Book Club Guru: my alumni have too many interests to cover with our webinar programming and I want to be able to do more. After discussing the issue further, the idea of alumni associations working together to create shared programming was born with a goal of schools being able to focus on programs that relate directly to their college while still covering more generic alumni needs like "Networking 101" and "Tips for Buying Your First House."

Zach had experience working with more than 150 colleges and independent schools on online alumni book club programs so he began getting feedback from other schools on how this idea could work for them. Based on that feedback, development began on a new webinar platform that met the specific needs of alumni associations. University of Maryland and eleven other schools came together to found the Alumni Learning Consortium whose day to day management is provided by Professional Book Club Guru.

Ultimately, the vision of ALC goes far beyond webinars. The consortium wants to help all of its members to support alumni career development, podcasts, mentorship opportunities and content creation to keep alumni engaged in scaleable ways. Work to support all of these areas is underway with a spirit of innovation to enable better alumni engagement opportunities.

Want to Learn More?

Ready to start a webinar series for your alumni or improve your current program with the best tools for alumni associations? Request a demo and we'll find a time to connect.

Alumni Relations and Advancement Professionals Webinar Series

Visit our webinars page for a list of free upcoming programs designed for alumni relations and advancement professionals. We cover a range of advancement topics related to fundraising, online alumni engagement and alumni lifelong learning. We also offer all of our white label webinars for alumni of member schools as a professional development opportunity for alumni offices. If you have ideas for webinar presenters or topics that would be valuable, please don't hesitate to reach out.


Membership cost for the Alumni Learning Consortium is based on institution size. Please email us at to set up a demo or for more detailed pricing information.

Benefits of Membership

  • Membership in consortium for networking with members
  • Guides on livestreaming and online alumni programs
  • Free attendance at annual virtual conference
  • Access to online discussion community
  • Membership applies for all institution staff
  • Webinar and livestreaming platform 
  • Unlimited events and participants
  • Custom branded webinar microsite
  • White label webinar programs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see your question below? Feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to help.

  • Yes. The platform allows you to create webinars and livestream campus or regional events. There are no limits on the number of events or participants.

  • A white label webinar is produced centrally by the Consortium for all member schools to share with their alumni. White label programs don’t highlight specific schools and appeal to a broad audience on topics related to career advancement and lifelong learning. Programs that each school produce with the platform are meant for their specific community and generally highlight an alum, faculty member, campus speaker, expert panel, or other campus program.

  • Alumni absolutely want to hear from alumni/faculty with expert knowledge and want to know what’s happening on campus. That doesn’t mean that they aren't interested in learning from experts who aren’t alumni. White label programs allow you to bring significantly more programs to your alumni from high caliber presenters than you could produce on your own.

  • The white label webinars are created by the staff of the Alumni Learning Consortium for use of all member schools so they are "plug and play" alumni events. Two to four white label webinars are produced per month.

  • White label topics are based on requests from member schools with the goal of creating broad based programs that will appeal to many people. Alumni have many interests so white label webinars will cover a range of topics including professional development, career advancement, health, financial success, personal growth, lifestage programs, entrepreneurship as well as interesting lifelong learning topics.

  • Yes. You can share as many or as few white label events with your alumni as you’d like.

  • No. The webinars and livestreams that you create are for your specific community and other schools will not have access to them.

  • Generally none. A computer with access to high speed internet and a built in webcam is all that you’ll need to produce a webinar. Additional equipment such as a microphone and higher quality webcam may also be helpful. ALC provides specific equipment recommendations that we can share as you start to produce your own programs.

  • This depends on the size of the event. Most small events such as a speaker presenting to a group of alumni in a classroom-type setting would require a single camera, tripod and microphone. Larger events can require multiple cameras for better production value. ALC provides specific equipment recommendations that we can share as you start to produce your own programs.


Please contact us at with questions or to request a demo. We're always happy to send information and explore how we can help your alumni organization effectively engage more people.

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