The Five Generation Society: What Are the Implications to our Economy?

Presented on: February 9th at 9:00 AM PST

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At the request of the speaker, the recording of this webinar was not made available following the event.


  • Generational Insights (Book)
    From face time to Facebook, each of the generations in the workforce today sees the world through a unique lens. What may seem like minor nuance at first glance is actually a fundamental difference in how they view the world. The result is a disconnected workforce with few areas of common ground. (Amazon Link)

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At the request of the speaker, the recording of this webinar was not made available  following the event.

Today’s youth are living at home longer, are marrying and having children later, and are buying homes later.  What are the implications for business? To sales? To recruiting and retention? Cam Marston and his firm, Generational Insights, study the generational and demographic trends shaping today’s workplace and marketplace. Join us for an engaging and enlightening presentation as Cam takes us through today’s most significant trends and predictions for where they’ll take us.

Cam Marston is an author, columnist, blogger, and lecturer. Marston launched a regional radio show (also available as a podcast) called What’s Working with Cam Marston that focuses on the trends that are shaping today’s workplace and workforce with expert guests offering insights and opinions on the trends.