Advancement Series: Moving the Needle from Anxious to Eager in our Everyday Development Work

Presented on: Tuesday, August 4th at 12:30 PM EDT

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As development professionals, we are at our finest when we embrace the spirit of our work fully. We got into philanthropy because we recognized the inherent meaning and the purpose in our work and to advance the mission of our organizations. In this session, Scott Arthur and Jim Hodge will discuss the significant role of fear, anxiety and scarcity in the world through the lens of philanthropy, and how it both affects and limits what is possible. Scott and Jim will discuss the importance of changing your stance and your mindset in ways that will inspire joy, increase trust, and be more aspirational for your institution and more inspirational for your benefactors and your colleagues. Scott and Jim will also touch upon the “new normal” in philanthropy brought about by the CV-19 pandemic including thoughts about the incalculable value of trust, engendering a sense of gratitude and other opportunities and ways to move forward in these challenging times.