Briefing with Colonel Judson Dressler

Presented on: Thursday, March 16th at 2:00 PM MDT

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Col. Judson Dressler '05 is the Permanent Professor and head of the Department of Computer and Cyber Sciences at the Air Force Academy. He leads the 26-member department that administers the ABET-accredited and NSA-recognized Computer Science and Cyber Science programs. In addition to teaching over 1,200 cadets each year, his department is home to the Academy Center for Cyberspace Research, which conducts long-term research in areas such as autonomy, artificial intelligence, immersive environments and cybersecurity.

Col. Dressler received his commission from the Air Force Academy in 2005. He holds a PhD in computer science from Rice University. He has served various assignments including commander of the 835th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, where he led a Total Force squadron of 134 cyber airmen to conduct threat-focused, intelligence-driven defensive cyberspace operations. He served as the director of the Commander's Action Group and legislative liaison for 24th Air Force, providing executive decision support and strategic messaging for senior Air Force and congressional leaders. Additionally, Col. Dressler commanded the Air Force's advanced cyber schoolhouse, leading a team of 30 personnel driving the Air Force's component of the nation's Cyber Mission Force to full operational capability. His last assignment was as director, Air Force CyberWorx, a public-private design center focused on cyber capabilities and melding military, academic and industry expertise to solve operational problems.

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