USAFA Parent All Call--Recognition Explained

Presented on: Thursday, March 3rd at 6:00 PM MST

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Join us as we hear from the C1C Herrington and C1C Ingram about the upcoming Recognition for the fourth-class (freshmen) cadets and have your questions answered.


Recognition is the formal three-day finale of the fourth-class (freshman) year when cadets are “recognized” as upper-class cadets and allowed to wear the Prop and Wings insignia on their flight caps. It is a ceremonial acknowledgment that the fourth-class has successfully met military training requirements and is prepared to continue the rigorous and rewarding Academy journey. Recognition consists of several activities including a leadership course, an assault course and “The Run to the Rock.” In addition to challenging the fourth-class cadets, recognition provides the three upper classes with an opportunity to develop their leadership skills. Individual squadron ceremonies and a wing-wide celebratory evening meal mark the end of Recognition

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