Unscripted: How to Communicate and Connect using the Improv Approach

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Do you often find yourself struggling to communicate effectively? Do you struggle to hear and be heard despite that being what you desire? We all like to think of ourselves as active listeners, open to considering another’s perspective to collaborate toward shared goals successfully. What if there was a simple yet flexible format through which we could improve not only our listening skills but our ability to ask for and get what we want successfully? Enter stage right: The Improv Approach. The Improv Approach takes the principles of improv comedy and applies them to everyday interactions, empowering you to navigate even difficult conversations that might typically prove anything but mutually satisfying. In this eye-opening webinar, actor and author Caitlin Drago will discuss:

  • The foundational principles of improv and how they can be implemented to make you a better communicator.
  • Common communication mistakes most people aren’t aware they’re making and how to solve them.
  • Increasing your empathy and understanding, even when dealing with difficult people and situations.
  • To open the door to healthy communication so the people in your life trust they can tell you the truths you need to hear.

About the Author: Caitlin is an LA-based actor turned Rochester, NY-based certified leadership coach and facilitator. Acting taught her to be present, self-aware, empathetic, and to prioritize connection with others. Improv taught her to listen and to deal with the unexpected in positive and creative ways. Paired with her training as a leadership coach, she works with leaders and teams across industries, improving communication, connection, and teamwork. She’s been featured in Medium’s Authority Magazine and has spoken at various conferences, including the Talent Development Think Tank, the International TWA Conference, and DisruptHR Rochester.