Unmanaging: The New Proven Managerial Mindset That Boosts Innovation, Collaboration, Productivity, and Culture

Most managers think they manage well, yet organizational results and happiness often point in the other direction. Despite their intentions otherwise and corporate platitudes to match, a broad and deeply-rooted misunderstanding exists about effectively managing today’s complex, project-driven, knowledge workplaces. As demonstrated in over 200 organizations and proven with thousands of managers, the counter-intuitive techniques of “Unmanaging” unlock the innate potential of teams and individuals, boosting a wide range of key business metrics, including inclusion, culture, innovation, quality, agility, and productivity. In this mind-expanding webinar, former think-tank researcher and management guru Jack Skeels explores the history of how our culture unlearned great management, replacing it with ineffective industrial techniques, and how to bring back the richness of human empowerment.

About the author: Jack Skeels, author of Unmanaged: Master the Magic of Creating Empowered and Happy Organizations, is a two-time Inc.-500 award-winner and entrepreneur, consultant, and former management sciences researcher at the think-tank RAND Corporation. A noted author, expert, and speaker, he has been published and featured over 35 times, including in Ad Age, Entrepreneur, Ad Week, MediaPost, and Campaign.

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