How to Kickstart Fearless Feedback

Do you dread giving or receiving feedback? Most of us do! The most stressful part about a feedback conversation is simply getting it started. For most of us, there is fear about how the other person will react, stress over how the feedback will shift the dynamic in the relationship, and often a general fear of confrontation. After all, how confidently and effectively will you communicate if you're walking on eggshells or dreading a conversation? That is why focusing on how you strategically kick off a feedback conversation is so important. In this illuminating webinar, Katie Ceccarini, certified executive coach, will deliver the tools to help you fumble less and increase the clarity and confidence you need to bring into feedback conversations.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Gain insight into the Fearless Feedback Model
  • Understand how to structure feedback using the Headline, Observation, Ask model
  • Draft your opening language for a tough feedback conversation
  • Learn the three key ingredients for a successful transition statement

About the author: Katie is a Certified Executive Coach and has spent the last two decades leading, managing, and training her own high-performing teams. She started her career in early education and then pivoted to tech. She was the first Account Manager at Yelp, where she went on to spend ten years growing and scaling the Customer Success team. Katie later joined Opendoor as the Head of Learning & Development, scaling employee onboarding and leveling up management and leadership effectiveness. Katie runs Endurance Management Coaching, a successful coaching and training business serving managers and leaders. 

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