Honoring our Veteran Alumni

Presented on: Thursday, November 9th at 8:00 AM EST

Signature Series

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Sigma Chi has a rich history dating back to 1855 and has produced transformational leaders in various fields, including the armed forces. This November in honor of Veteran's Day, we are proud to host a four-part series titled “The Sigma Chi Military Brotherhood,” where we will hear from several military Sigma Chi brothers, each with their own inspiring stories of courage and honor. 

We began with a conversation with a group of remarkable individuals who share a unique connection through their membership in the Sigma Chi Fraternity and their dedication to military service. They share their perspectives and lessons learned through their armed forces and fraternity experiences. We are joined by:
  • 2023 International Balfour Award Winner Kellen Brown, DePaul 2023
  • TSgt Mark E. Dunning, USAF (Ret.), Hanover 1983
  • Lt. Col. Ben Brandt, USAF (Ret.), Embry-Riddle (Daytona Beach) 1998
  • Sgt First Class/ Spec 5 Len Hicks, Georgia Southwestern 1975
Hear their moving messages, then join us for the upcoming live events throughout the month! 

The views expressed by presenters are their own and their appearance in a program does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. Reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Sigma Chi International Fraternity.