How to Bring Who You Are and What You Do Into Alignment

From an early age, we've been conditioned to believe that one day we’ll reach a moment of “arrival.” But no matter how much we achieve or acquire, we still don’t feel as satisfied or fulfilled as we thought. In this motivating webinar, Bestselling author and expert on happiness and work, Suneel Gupta, will weave personal stories, history, science, Eastern philosophy, and Western modalities to help us identify our dharma, our essence. When you’re in your Dharma, you feel confident, creative, and caring, with a sense of purpose that shines through your life and work. When we’re not aligned, we become exhausted, depleted, and burnt out. We feel creative, energized, and lit up when we are aligned. We can produce our best work and lead ourselves and others effectively, experiencing true joy along the way. 

In this webinar, you will: 

  • Rediscover your “essence” and express that through your work
  • Be “all in” without being “always on”
  • Find comfort in uncomfortable situations
  • Deal with failure and use it as a pathway to success
  • Find yourself by losing yourself through leading and lifting others
  • Blur the lines between work and play to reach your highest potential
  • Forge ahead and take decisive action, even in the face of uncertainty

About the author: Suneel Gupta is a bestselling author of Everyday Dharma, a guide for living your purpose in an overwhelmed life. As the founding CEO of RISE, a visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School, and the host of a hit documentary series, Suneel studies the most extraordinary people on the planet to discover and share simple, actionable habits to lift our performance and deepen our daily sense of purpose. 

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