Heroic Impact: Creating Teams of Empowered and Inspired Leaders

Presented on: Tuesday, September 26th at 7:00 PM EDT

Signature Series

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What would your business look like if leadership’s purpose was to make everyone around them the absolute best they can be? If each team member was tasked with making other members of the team stronger and more capable? Where everyone takes ownership of projects and champions them to success? The impact would be immeasurable. 

In our latest Signature Series: Distinguished Speaker conversation, brother Eric Rogell (SUNY-Albany 1987) will show you how to create this in every area of your company, using examples of heroes from myths and legends, elevating everyone at every level.

About the Speaker: 

Eric Rogell is a bestselling author, popular podcast host (and even more popular podcast guest), documentary filmmaker, globe-trotting journalist, and highly sought after and renowned speaker whose presence, personality, and approachability have captivated audiences around the country.

Over the last 20+ years Eric has shared his hard-earned wisdom with audiences, inspiring and guiding thousands of ambitious men and women driven to accelerate their careers and find their purpose and passion in life.

Having interviewed hundreds of celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, military veterans, and others, getting them to dive deep into their stories, and the lessons, challenges, and triumphs they experienced, Eric has collected valuable insights that paint a picture of what great leaders are made of. And how critical it is to have strong, influential mentors to guide us along the path.

Eric’s passion for helping business leaders achieve their dream lives and legacy, both professional and personal, is fueled by a commitment to unlocking and unleashing the greatness in others. To help unleash that greatness, Eric designs and delivers outdoor “adventure masterminds” where executives are invited to challenge themselves out in nature, leading to extraordinary breakthroughs and acceleration. Eric has been featured in Forbes, Discovery.com, Impact Wealth Magazine, NPR, The Learning Annex, Miami Herald, New York Daily News, and many other leading publications.

His next book, “Lions Raised as Lambs” was recently released on September 20 and already hit #1 on Amazon's Hot New Release list.

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