SigTalks: Transformational Leadership at the Horizons Huntsman Leadership Summit

Presented on: Thursday, January 26th at 9:00 PM EST


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SigTalks are brought to you by the NYC and Washington Alumni Chapters
The Sigma Chi Fraternity kicked off the era of the Transformational Leader in 2021. Horizons is a leadership development experience for qualified undergraduate Sigma Chi members with at least one year remaining in college and who wish to improve their understanding of leadership as it relates to personal development, group dynamics, and intentional efforts to make positive change in the world.
In this month's SigTalk, we will dive deeper into the Horizons Program, and its impact on our members' personal and professional development as applications for the 2023 Program are now open! We are joined by:
  • 59th Grand Consul, Constantine Sig, and Significant Sig Dick Hester, Ball State 1977
  • Undergraduate Representative to SCLI and Horizons Intern Ryan Jeffries, Oklahoma State 2023
  • Undergraduate Representative to SCLI and Horizons Intern Peter Halsey, Gettysburg 2023
  • Horizons Graduate Michael Nickerson, St. Louis 2022

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