Dr. MC’s Four-Part “Owning It” Series - Caring for the Self and Others, Part 1 of 4

Presented on: October 7th at 6:30 PM EDT

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Your self-care is usually the first thing to go on your long to-do list. That’s why we hope you’ll join us October 7 at 6:30pm for the first of four self-care virtual webinars. Featuring alum Dr. Theresa Melito-Conners '11G as your Dr. MC. You don’t have to sign up for all 4 to attend.

October 7, 2021

Part 1, participants will learn to evaluate their self-care routines, identity their strengths and weaknesses, and build a realistic, sustainable, foundational practice to optimize their well-being. Lots of effective tips and tricks will be provided that you can access for free.

November 4, 2021

Part 2 will explore the intersection of self-care, resilience, and how to overcome trauma. Participants will review preliminary information and definition of terms, including an exploration of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), focusing on building the skill of resilience. 

March 3, 2022

Part 3 examines our mindset, whether it is fixed or a growth mindset, and explores the importance of developing a growth mindset. Participants will evaluate their mindset to see where their beliefs are and discuss how small shifts in thinking and reframing circumstances can dramatically impact daily life inside. 

April 7, 2022

Part IV will examine implicit bias, everyday microaggressions, and the impact they have. Participants will practice ways to respond to microaggressions after they occur and receive tips for preventing them from happening. Lastly, we will look at the power of language and learn how to quiet the inner critic voice. 


Presenter Bio: Theresa Melito-Conners, '11G, Ph.D. (Dr. MC), is the founder of “Dr. MC’s Self-Care Cabaret, ” where your health and well-being take center stage. It is the space to help you find your spotlight and learn all the different aspects of self-care. Additionally, Theresa is a Special Education Administrator in the Greater Boston area. Inspired by her doctoral research, Theresa loves to help others practice better self-care, and she is deeply passionate about this mission. Theresa is a recent graduate from Lesley University’s Ph.D. in Educational Leadership program in Cambridge, MA. Theresa understands the challenges of balancing all of life’s responsibilities and the importance of making time for you. With a B.A. in Theatre Studies from Emerson College and an M.Ed. in School Counseling from Salem State University, Theresa has a variety of unique experiences, from counseling adolescents with mental health needs to choreographing professional musicals. She also serves as a member of The Parent and Community Education and Involvement Advisory Council (PCEIAC) for the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Massachusetts. Theresa has presented her expertise across the country, and she has additional publications in the works. Please visit her website www.drmcselfcare.com for more information, subscribe to her blog, newly launched podcast, and find links to her growing community @DrMCselfcare.