Getting Beyond the Noise: A Non-Meditator’s Guide to the Power of Silence

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Do you ever crave a moment of silence from the constant notifications and technology interruptions? How do we move beyond the noise that is all around us? In this deep-dive webinar, co-authors of Golden: The Power of Silence in a World of Noise, Leigh Marz and Justin Zorn, take us on an unlikely journey—from the West Wing of the White House to San Quentin’s death row; from Ivy League brain research laboratories to underground psychedelic circles; from the temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park to the main stage at a heavy metal festival—to explore the meaning of silence and the art of finding it in any situation.

Through vivid stories, leading-edge research, and direct experience, Justin and Leigh explore:

  • Why silence matters for our health, creativity, relationships, and our capacity to find creative and enduring solutions to the challenges individuals and communities are facing today
  • The neuroscience, psychology, and economics of why our world is so noisy and what we—as individuals and whole societies—can actually do about it
  • Practical approaches to navigating the noise in our ears, on our screens, and in our heads
  • Deeper strategies for finding immersive silence from time to time



LEIGH MARZ is a collaboration consultant and leadership coach for universities, corporations, and governments. She has led diverse initiatives, including a training program to promote an experimental mindset among teams at NASA and a decade-long cross-sector collaboration to reduce toxic chemicals in products.

 JUSTIN ZORN has served as a policymaker and a meditation teacher in the U.S. Congress. A trained specialist in the economics and psychology of well-being, Justin has written for the Washington Post, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, and other publications.