How (Exactly) to Win the Advocacy of Strangers and Accelerate Your Career

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Networking often feels uncomfortable. Even with those within the same organization, it's awkward to ask a stranger to connect more meaningfully, especially when they are not expecting to hear from you and may not look or think like you. However, lack of networking can limit one's effectiveness, regard, and sense of belonging within an organization. There are many suggested tips and tricks to make networking less painful, but no tried-and-true instructions until now. In this insightful webinar, bestselling author Steve Dalton presents proven, research-backed frameworks for requesting and conducting informational meetings and how to answer the question "Tell me about yourself" effectively every time to predictably convert strangers into advocates/clients.

About the author:  Steve Dalton published The 2-Hour Job Search in 2012, marking the beginning of his successful journey. Subsequent works, including the 2021 best-seller The Job Closer, have collectively sold over 100,000 copies globally, with their methodologies adopted by 100+ universities. As the founder of Contact2Colleague, Dalton delivers workshops and keynotes to enhance companies' talent retention, advancement, and diversification strategies. A sought-after guest speaker, he frequently addresses top universities and Fortune 500 companies. Dalton's expertise has been featured in reputable publications such as Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal, and Fortune. Dalton is a former chemical engineer, strategy consultant, and marketer. His networking videos on YouTube, particularly addressing the question "Tell me about yourself," rank among the platform's Top 1% most popular.