The Empathy Edge: Why Compassion Fuels Leadership Success and How to Build Your Empathy Muscle

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Furious customers and failed business launches. Partnerships abandoned out of fear, projects destroyed by misunderstanding. Sexism. Gender Inequality. Every problem in the business world can be traced back to a single, common origin: Lack of empathy. When we are unwilling to place ourselves in someone else's shoes -- unwilling to talk, listen, or understand another point of view -- we remain paralyzed. Instead of finding solutions, we repeat the same mistakes. This impacts our professional reputation, team's productivity, customer experience, and organization's performance.

Join brand strategist Maria Ross, author of The Empathy Edge: Harnessing the Value of Compassion as an Engine for Success and host of The Empathy Edge podcast, as she shares the value of compassion as an engine for success. Learn how you, as individuals and leaders, can amplify empathy through your work and bring your organizations along with you to create a better world. With fascinating stories from company founders, change-makers, and brands we know and love, Ross will precisely reveal how empathy makes leaders (and organizations) more robust and sustainable. You’ll learn five concrete ways to flex your empathy muscles for tremendous success and how you can amplify empathy through your work to create a better world.