Making it Personal: The Power of Storytelling for Building Inclusive Environments

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What is the secret ingredient to effective diversity, equity, and inclusion learning? Initiatives that lead to sustainable change focus on empathy skills/perspective taking of the “other” and goal setting to encourage behavior change. Storytelling can help us accomplish both perspective taking and goal setting. We’re all more than just one dimension or one story. What you can see by looking at a person may not tell you very much about that individual’s background, beliefs or values, or what joys and grief the person has experienced. In this webinar Maria Morukian will: • Explore the value of storytelling for diversity, equity, and inclusion learning • Identify the kinds of stories one can use to foster empathy and understanding • Provide an exercise to demonstrate the power of storytelling. Maria Morukian, President of MSM Global Consulting, has more than sixteen years of experience in diversity, equity and inclusion training, leadership development, and organizational culture change, and has worked with a wide variety of public, private, and nonprofit organizations to foster diversity and inclusion in a positive and sustainable way. Maria hosts a podcast on diversity and identity called Culture Stew. She has presented on the TEDx stage and has been featured in Forbes.