Beyond the Grind: Reclaiming Joy and Harmony in Your Career and Life

Presented on: Wednesday, April 10th at 11:00 AM CDT

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In our pursuit of professional success, we often find ourselves trapped in the cycle of toxic productivity, sacrificing our well-being for achievements. But what if you could break free from this cycle and redefine success on your own terms? In this Polyvagal Theory informed webinar, Tamu Thomas, author of Women Who Work Too Much, will help you understand the roots of toxic productivity, then guide you through practical strategies for reclaiming joy and harmony in your career and personal life by understanding your Autonomic Nervous System. From her book’s profound insights, Tamu will share how somatic movement and mindfulness can be transformative tools in your daily routine and guide you to crafting your personal manifesto for balanced living.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Identify the signs of toxic productivity and its impact on your well-being.
  • Explore practical steps to integrate self-care as a non-negotiable part of your professional life.
  • Leverage the power of mindfulness and body awareness to enhance productivity without burnout.
  • Create your manifesto to guide your journey toward a harmonious work-life that contributes to your self-care and joy.
  • Participate in a movement practice to cultivate more joy.

About the author: Tamu Thomas is a renowned transformational coach with a background in social work specializing in the intersection of work-life harmony and systemic change. Her groundbreaking book, Women Who Work Too Much, addresses the pervasive issue of toxic productivity, offering strategies for women seeking fulfillment beyond the confines of relentless work. Tamu’s unique approach, rooted in somatic coaching and informed by Polyvagal Theory, empowers people to align with their Autonomic Nervous System for holistic well-being. Tamu has been featured in prestigious publications such as Stylist Magazine, Red Magazine, Forbes, and Vogue and has collaborated with organizations such as Ralph Lauren and Bloomberg.

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