New Year, New View: Setting Goals that Set You Up for Success

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A new year is a great time to start fresh, but how can we put goals in place that we can achieve? How many times have you started a new year and said this is the year you will be successful at hitting your goals? Join us in this information webinar as self-proclaimed wellness guru Georgia Homsany guides you through why some people have difficulty sticking to New Year's Resolutions and ongoing goals, how you can set yourself up for success, and how to build a plan of what you'd like to achieve in the next sixty days. Whether you are a resolutions person or not, this webinar will be beneficial in helping you put new practices into place to help you achieve your goals in the new year.

About the speaker: Georgia Homsany, Founder & CEO of Daily Dose Wellness, began her Marketing and Brand Management career before creating her own corporate wellness company. After spending over fifteen years in Corporate America, Georgia started Daily Dose to provide virtual "wellness breaks" to give employees the time needed to prevent burnout and promote positive mental health. Georgia is a self-taught wellness guru with a business background. She is a member of the Raleigh Metro Society for Human Resource Management and writes their Wellness Blog.