I'm Gerald Ford and You're Not: Saturday Night Live and the American Presidency

Presented on: Wednesday, September 9th at 12:00 PM CDT

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Over four and a half decades Saturday Night Live has become an American television institution. A key part of SNL’s success has been parodies of American presidents, which has had an impact on the outcome of elections and presidential behavior from the 1970s to today! About the Presenter: Bill Horner Bill Horner is a Curators’ Distinguished Teaching Professor and a recipient of the William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence. He currently serves as the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Political Science Department at the University of Missouri. Bill studies American and Missouri Politics, with a special eye on the impact of news and entertainment media on politics. He has authored and co-authored books on a wide range of historical and current political issues, from conceal and carry policies and desegregation at the University of Missouri to the back-room politic and pop-culture’s effect on the Presidential election of 1976. This is his 20th year at the University of Missouri. He has given numerous public presentations in various forums around the City of Columbia and Missouri. He currently serves as the chair of the campus Committee on Undergraduate Education and is a member of the University of Missouri Faculty Council.