The History of Miami University

Presented on: March 20th at 12:00 AM EDT

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Miami's 17th president, Dr. Phillip R. Shriver, presents a 15-part series on the history of the university. Dr. Shriver continued to teach while president including leading a class on Miami's past. His recorded lectures in History 161 give you a detailed account of the university beginning with regional history leading up to the 1809 charter and through the 20th century. You can start with the introduction above and YouTube will automatically move you through each lecture and it should save your spot when you return. Alternatively, by clicking on the hamburger+arrow in the top right of the video, you can click to each lecture: 1. Introduction 2. The Heritage of Old and New England 3. A Tribe Called Miami, A Town Called Oxford (Part 1) 4. A Tribe Called Miami, A Town Called Oxford (Part 2) 5. Bishop and the Yale of the West 6. McGuffey, The Schoolmaster of the Nation 7. Mother of Fraternities 8. The Terrible Swift Sword: Miami & The Civil War 9. A College Reborn 10. A Town of Colleges Becomes a College Town (Part 1) 11. A Town of Colleges Becomes a College Town (Part 2) 12. Benton & Hughes (Part 1) 13. Benton & Hughes (Part 2) 14. The Upham Era: Continuity and Change 15. Heritage and Excellence: A Public Ivy "Truly, Miami is a special place. A unique university. It's our alma mater. It's the place we love. It's part of us. It will always be part of us. And I hope these lectures will help to instill more of that Love and Honor for Miami in each one of you." - Dr. Phillip R. Shriver