MURALS Life Hacks: Cooking the Bird 101

Presented on: Thursday, November 19th at 12:00 PM EST


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The holidays can be stressful, but Miami University Regionals Alumni and Students (MURALS) is here to help.  Watch this recording to help with your meal preparation.  
Cooking the Bird 101
Whether you are a rookie bird roaster or a veteran with the dressing and cranberry sauce in your veins, join us to learn the basics or take your well-developed craft to the next level. Chef James Trent, executive chef of Oscar Event Center, gave us virtual one-on-one training on how to make your holiday meal a masterpiece.
Introducing Chef James Trent 
Chef James has been cooking professionally for over twenty years in various states throughout the country. In 1998, he toured with the Beastie Boys as a chef for the kitchen team before joining the Oscar Event Center team. He is passionate about food and culture. Chef James loves to experiment in the kitchen! Jungle Jim’s Chef Creations is his latest project to ease some of the holiday stress by curating a delicious menu that will leave your family full and satisfied.
Interested in making this Thanksgiving stress free? At least with the cooking that is. The Oscars Event Center is offering their Chef's Creations program, where Chef James takes the hassle out of cooking your bird.