Miami Presents: Why Revitalize Myaamia Language and Culture?

Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma first connected in 1972 when Chief Forest Olds, having heard about a university in Ohio that shared a name with his Tribal nation, showed up on campus unexpectedly during a visit to Cincinnati. What came of that surprise encounter is a now 50-year-long partnership between the two Miamis - one they plan to commemorate throughout 2022 including with this series of webinars.  Join us to learn more about the Miami Tribe, the relationship between the Miami Tribe and Miami University, as well as the relationship outcomes, including the work of the Myaamia Center and the Myaamia Heritage Program.

For many Indigenous Communities, language and culture lie at the heart of the group’s identity. The preservation of these unique identities requires a great deal of resources and commitment from the community and its leadership. This talk will examine how the Myaamia people have responded to this challenging need and what role the Myaamia Center plays in the larger revitalization effort for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma.

Daryl Baldwin is a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma and serves as the executive director for the Myaamia Center at Miami University. Baldwin has spent the last 30 yrs working with his community to build capacity around language and cultural education.

The presentation is available to all and free to watch online, but registration is required.  Please reach out to Ellie Witter at with questions. The full schedule of virtual presentations for the 50th anniversary of the relationship between Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma:

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