Emotionally Driven Marketing in Times of Change: Terry O'Reilly and Mandeep Malik

Presented on: Thursday, November 26th at 1:00 PM EST

University & Faculty Spotlight

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We make 80% of our decisions with our heart, a fact that has been proven during times of change. Through recessions of the past and our current pandemic, brands leverage emotion to build bonds with customers.

Join McMaster Alumni and DeGroote School of Business for one of the Knowledge Labs webinar series with Terry O’Reilly and DeGroote Associate Professor of Marketing, Mandeep Malik. During this webinar, they will discuss:

- Why Emotion creates intense customer loyalty
- Why brands who successfully appeal to our emotions are more likely to survive periods of hardship
- How companies market in a recession and why it has worked
- How COVID-19 has altered the emotional imperatives that affect consumers’ brand choices
- Why Emotion trumps all other communication tools