[@HomewithMac] - The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

With Rick Carter, Lois Kivesto and Monica Moryta McMaster Continuing Education

Did you know McMaster Continuing Education Learning Continuum and 55+ offers various courses for you to experience the joy of learning? The course topics offered range from the arts, science, health, business, and technology. With experienced and helpful instructors, you will meet and learn with new peers who share your interests!

During this talk, participants will understand the importance of lifelong learning, especially if you are undergoing changes in your life (change in occupation, moving to a new location, retirement, etc.). Change can cause unrest and change the way we live. The power and benefits of education can be incorporated into our daily/weekly practice by taking interest-based courses. This is relevant for students, alumni and lifelong learners focused on personal development.

Join us to learn about the courses, McMaster Continuing Education in general, and how you can expand your knowledge and skills and turn into a lifelong learner.

This @HomewithMac series is being generously sponsored by our affinity partner, TD Insurance.

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