Learn It, Build It, Create It - Battleships

Join us for a hands-on online lesson brought to you by McMaster Athletics & Recreation in partnership with the McMaster Alumni Association. In this session Mackenzie Gillies will show viewers how to build their own battleships. All you need are a few household items and a sense of creativity! Here's what you may want to find around the house before the session: Materials 1. Floats/Pontoons: empty 2L plastic pop bottles (x2), elastic bands (x2) 2. Deck: shoe box lid 3. Propeller: wooden skewers (x2), elastic band, plastic spoons (x2), tape 4. Cannon ball: ping pong ball 5. Deck targets: egg carton (not the lid) (cut in half), elastic bands (x2), toilet paper rolls (x4) 6. scissors 7. ping pong ball If you don't have those materials then here is a list of alternatives you can use: 1. Floats/Pontoons: plastic pop bottles of any size 2. Deck: any flat piece of cardboard 3. Propeller: hot glue gun, twigs from outside (x2) About our speaker: Mackenzie Gillies has been a member of the Mac community for eight years: he graduated from the Arts & Science and History Master of Arts Programs in 2017 and 2018, respectively; Mack was also Mini-U’s Instructor of the Year in 2019. He continues to study in Hamilton, recently finishing the first year of Brock University’s Teacher Education Program. Mack enjoys telling real-life adventure stories, exploring the outdoors, and solving mysteries! He created statistics for CHL hockey players, thinks there may be buried treasure in Coote’s Paradise, and runs a tutoring business!