Ask A Scientist: Your Amazing Brain with Rachelle Ho

Your Amazing Brain with Rachelle Ho While it might look funny and unimpressive, your brain is a powerful and complex organ that helps your body move, your senses work, and your mind think. Your brain works all day and all night (even when you're sleeping!) to make you special. What do you want to know about your brain? About our speaker: Rachelle is studying the amazing brains of kids! She is trying to understand how your brain changes as you grow and what might happen to your brain if you have a concussion. Rachelle using a brain imaging machine called an MRI scanner to look at pictures of kids' and teenagers' brains when they are thinking (and sometimes when they aren't thinking at all)! Rachelle finished her undergraduate degree in neuroscience at the University of Toronto, her Master's in Rehabilitation Science, and is working on her Ph.D. in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University.