Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons From a Life at Nike

Emotion is what elevates the most successful brands above the rest, allowing them to occupy a rarefied place in consumers' hearts and minds. These brands transcend functionality, offering emotional value that resonates deeply with their audience. In this engaging webinar, bestselling author and former CMO at NIKE Greg Hoffman unveils the concept of "Emotion by Design," illustrating how we can all harness its power to craft products, stories, and experiences that make people feel that even their most audacious pursuits are possible to achieve. He will share the philosophy and methodology behind creating a brand that empowers and deeply resonates with people, unveiling his three guiding principles: Creativity is a Team Sport, Dare to Be Remembered and Spark a Movement. These principles served as the cornerstone of Hoffman's leadership at Nike, where he played a pivotal role in shaping the company's brand identity and voice through compelling storytelling and immersive experiences. Every story was distinct, yet the result was always the same: a strong emotional attachment between products and people—quite literally, emotion by design.

About the Author: Greg Hoffman, author of the bestselling book Emotion by Design: Creative Leadership Lessons From a Life at Nike, former Chief Marketing Officer at NIKE, and founder of the brand leadership platform Modern Arena, boasts a rich background spanning twenty-eight years in marketing, design, and innovation at Nike. His significant contributions to the evolution of marketing and design earned him recognition as one of Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business. Today, he advises Fortune 500 brands, startups, and nonprofits on fostering stronger emotional connections through branding and creativity.

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