When They Win, You Win - Being a Great Manager is Simpler Than You Think

You know what the world doesn't need? Another person's opinion about what it takes to be a great leader! What we need to do is learn to lead in a way that measurably and predictably leads to 1) more engaged or happier employees and 2) better business outcomes. Businesses everywhere are plagued by managers who think keeping their staff miserable is the best way to deliver profits. This way of thinking is a failure of leadership that also hurts the bottom line; research has shown that maintaining a happy, engaged workforce consistently drives measurably better business results across the board. In this enlightening webinar, author and operator Russ Laraway will discuss how we need to stop with anecdotal frameworks and focus on a small number of leadership behaviors that, when practiced, measurably deliver "happy results." 

About the author: Russ Laraway, author of When They Win, You Win: Being a Great Manager is Easier Than You Think, has been an operator for 30 years. He was a Company Commander in the Marine Corps before starting his first company, Pathfinders. From there, Russ went to the Wharton School and then onto management roles at Google and Twitter. He then co-founded Candor, Inc., along with best-selling author Kim Scott. Over his career, Russ has managed 700-person teams and $700M businesses, facing many leadership challenges. 

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