Won't Lose This Dream: A Conversation with Author Andrew Gumbel

Presented on: Thursday, October 1st at 5:30 PM EDT

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Join the Alumni Association for a conversation with author Andrew Gumbel and former Georgia State students as he discusses his journey in writing the award-winning book and the stories that inspired it.

Featuring President Mark Becker and Senior Vice President Tim Renick
Moderated by: Allison Calhoun-Brown, Vice President for Student Engagement and Programs

About the Book:
Won’t Lose This Dream is the inspiring story of a public university that has blazed an extraordinary trail for lower-income and first-generation students in Atlanta, the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Over the past decade Georgia State University has upended the conventional wisdom that large numbers of students are doomed to fail simply because of their economic background or the color of their skin. Instead, it has harnessed the power of big data to identify and remove the obstacles that previously stopped them from graduating and completely transformed their prospects. A student from a mediocre high school working two jobs to make ends meet is now no less likely to succeed than a child of wealth and privilege—an earth-shaking achievement that is reverberating across every college campus in the country.

With unique access to the key players and drawing on his skills as an investigative reporter, Andrew Gumbel delivers a thrilling, blow-by-blow account of a long battle to determine whether universities exist for their students or vice versa. The story is told through the visionary leaders who overcame fierce resistance to tear up the rules of their own institution and through the many remarkable students whose resilience and determination, often against daunting odds, inspired the work at every stage. Their success shows how the promise of social advancement through talent and hard work, the essence of the American dream, can be rekindled even in an age of deep inequalities and divisive politics. 

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