From Hate to Habit: Excelling at the Least Favorite Parts of Our Workdays

Presented on: Thursday, March 19th at 12:30 PM EDT


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Webinar Presenter: Fergus Mellon (MBA'05) Webinar Description: When choosing a career, the advice we often receive is "do something you love". While this is good advice, it does not mean everything we will do during our nine-to-five are tasks we will love. In fact, we're likely winning in our career choice if we love 80% of our day. If we dislike 20% of the work though, it doesn't mean we should ignore it. Instead to be 100% successful we need to excel at the tasks we don't love, even if we don't actually hate them! We will cover the following during the workshop: - Devil & Detail: How often do we hear someone say "I am not good at detail" as if that is a reason for making mistakes? We will discuss why we should master the devil and even more importantly how we can make that mental shift to focus on it. - Personal Organization: Yeah, yeah "we all have too many meetings", "too much email" and pretty much “too much” of everything, particularly distractions, that impede our ability to deliver our work. We will discuss tactics on how to ensure that the “too much-es” are dealt with in a way that enhances our professional reputation and allows us to crush our work. - The Interpersonal Bits: We all know that building relationships in our company and across the industry are important to our long-term success, but this does not mean that we love the aspects of building and maintaining professional relationships. We will discuss the host of interpersonal areas (giving and receiving feedback, building relationships with everyone in your team, networking) that we can find difficult and approaches to succeeding at them. About the Presenter: Fergus is the author of "Early Stage Professional: starting off right" a book for graduates making the transition from formal education to business and is a regular Georgetown University webinar presenter. Check out his recent Georgetown webinars: “Making the grade at your Annual Review meeting”, “Mastering Your Manager” and "How to take all your vacation and still get ahead". He is a Digital Media executive who has worked in a wide variety of businesses (venture-backed through to multi-billion-dollar public companies) in the United States and UK. He is a dual British / American citizen and currently lives in London with his wife, Sabeen.