Winning the Inbox: Writing Emails that Work

Presented on: Tuesday, March 3rd at 12:30 PM EST

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Webinar Presenter: Grace Foster (MA'17), Co-Founder, Bold Type, Inc. Webinar Description: Did you know that only about 18% of emails get opened? Communicating in today’s overcrowded inbox means understanding how to reach busy, distracted audiences and help them quickly understand your message. In this webinar, we’ll share writing hacks to help you send emails that get opened and move your readers to action. First, we’ll focus on crafting great subject lines that win in the inbox. Next, we’ll practice keeping text short and actionable, guiding readers to the right information or outcome. We’ll also look at some common email stumbling blocks, and talk about how you can keep your emails concise even when you need to be formal or share complex information. 3 Key Takeaways / In this webinar, Grace will share… 1. How audiences behave and read online---and how to use this to your advantage. 2. How to create a great email subject line. 3. How to write email content that moves your readers to the right action or info. About the Presenter: Grace Aldridge Foster is the Co-Founder of Bold Type [link:], a women-owned writing consultation and training firm based in Washington, DC. With a background in academic writing centers and editing, her career is now devoted to designing and leading writing training for students, professionals, and military teams. Her own writing has appeared in publications such as Smithsonian Insider and The Velvet Light Trap. Grace teaches at Georgetown’s School of Continuing Studies and is a member of the Center for Plain Language [link:] , where she serves as a judge for the annual Federal Plain Language Report Card and ClearMark Awards. Grace met Bold Type Co-Founder Casey Mank at Georgetown while both were completing master’s degrees in English. After working as consultants, editors, and instructional designers, they launched Bold Type in Summer 2018. They are on a mission to improve the way professionals communicate, helping them to write with greater confidence and clarity.