Maternity Leave Part II: How to Come Back to Work Strong

Presented on: Thursday, February 27th at 12:30 PM EST

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Presenter: Liana Pistell C'06 Webinar Description: Returning to work from parental leave is nerve-wracking, but parental leave coach Liana Pistell has a tried-and-true blueprint to set you up for success (in spite of sleep deprivation). Whether you work for a big or small company, a consultancy, law firm, nonprofit or the government, learn from Liana Pistell as she shares her time-tested strategies from coaching dozens of high achieving professionals through parental leave at big and small firms in Silicon Valley and beyond. Key Takeaways: How to set yourself up for success in the first 90 days 5 common pitfalls that can derail your career and how to avoid them The secrets to getting a flexible work arrangement About the Presenter: Liana Pistell coaches new parents trying to navigate the daunting ins-and-outs of maternity and paternity leave. She’s a senior marketing manager at LinkedIn who has made two successful maternity leave comebacks — including getting promoted and securing flexible work arrangements — and has coached dozens of parents in Silicon Valley and beyond to do the same. Beyond coaching individuals, Liana was also instrumental in revamping LinkedIn's return to work experience for mothers and fathers.