How to Find More Courage at Work: 3 Mindset Shifts to Take More Risks

Presented on: Thursday, February 2nd at 12:00 PM EST


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An organization’s ability to reach its highest level of excellence comes down to one thing: you — courageously owning your brilliance in both typical and transitional times. But how do you speak up with divergent ideas, show up with authenticity and step up with confidence when failure and judgment loom as potential outcomes? In this enlightening webinar, national speaker, author, and coach Candace Doby will take participants through three critical mindset shifts necessary to manage fear, activate personal courage, and take worthwhile risks so they can unleash their potential and make a more significant impact on their organization.

About the author: Candace Doby is a national speaker, author of A Cool Girl’s Guide To Courage, and coach who works with organizations to create a culture of courage that equips employees to perform at their highest potential. Candace combines a decade of research on courage with her experiences leading marketing teams at a global brand and traveling the world solo. This unique combination equips her with the implementable strategies she has shared with thousands of leaders to help them courageously speak up, step up and show up authentically. Candace is the owner of the online greeting card and gift company Pep Talker and the creator/host of The Courage Hotline podcast. Candace holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a master’s degree in Technology and Communication.


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