The Art of Networking

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Webinar Presenter: Leo Borello, GUAA Career Coaching Partner Webinar Description: We've all heard that "your network is your net worth" and "building a great network is an art." Research shows that 85% of all jobs are secured through networking, and it's common knowledge that developing powerful relationships can do wonders for your career and business. But how do we network strategically? How do we make networking a priority in busy times? And, most importantly, how do we make networking less awkward and more a part of our daily lives? Join GUAA Career Coaching Partner Leo Borello to learn the art of networking: how to communicate, connect, and authentically "be present" when networking opportunities present themselves. You'll learn how to make memorable first impressions, have engaging conversations, and how to keep contacts active even if you've lost their business cards. This webinar will help you get the most out of your networking time, create fruitful connections, and generate new opportunities for your career and personal growth. About the Presenter: Coach Leo is a bilingual (English/Spanish) Performance Leadership Coach. Leo is recognized for his knowledge of core business processes, people management skills and ensuring personal development success. He accompanies his clients on a journey to accomplish their personal, professional and business goals. He brings 30 years of experience working as a Performance Leadership Coach with more than 6.000 documented hours of one-on-one coaching work. Previously, Leo worked in the General Management Department of Argentina Culture Ministry, where he gained experience with Corporate CEOs as well as with Argentinian Politicians, Deputies and Senators. He holds an MBA and Organization Communication Certification from Austral University, and is certified as a Leadership Coach from Georgetown University's Certificate in Leadership Coaching program.