Work with Passion and Purpose: How to Set Meaningful Career Goals

Presented on: Thursday, November 21st at 12:30 PM EST

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Webinar Presenter: Hallie Crawford, Hoya Friend, Founder & Certified Career Coach, Webinar Description: Feel stagnant in your career? Lost that lovin' feeling for your job? Every professional wants to have some sense of meaning, satisfaction or fulfillment in their work. But sometimes how to maintain that sense of satisfaction can seem elusive. Too many people either don't set career goals at all or they set goals based on external metrics that don't matter to them on a deeper level. Of course, we must set goals that align with our organization's mission and external factors like compensation, but we will be more effective if we attach as many of those goals as possible to our career values, strengths, and several other factors. When was the last time you evaluated your career values to understand if your career is headed in a direction that honors those values and more? Make this the year you start to establish meaningful career goals, aligned with the 8 components of Hallie Crawford's Ideal Career Model. In this webinar you will learn: -The correct approach to setting career goals. -Three steps you must take to create meaningful career goals. -How to establish and track your career goals effectively using our trademark Ideal Career Model and Strategic Career Plan About the Presenter: Our presenter, Hallie Crawford, has been a certified career coach and national career expert for 19 years. Her company,, and team of coaches have helped thousands of people worldwide identify and transition into their dream career, effectively navigate their job search, and enhance their performance at work. Hallie is regularly featured as a career expert in the media including US News,, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and Fox Business News. For more information about their services visit