Finding Your Calling in Midlife: Faithfulness as a Task for a Lifetime

August 11th at 7:00 PM EDT

Event will begin in 1 days and 3 hours

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Although we hear a lot about “finding our calling” while in college, it can seem like after graduation we are supposed to have it all figured out and then just live forward into that call. Yet, as we age and our lives progress, we can often begin to feel like maybe we missed our calling because what we spend our time doing just doesn’t bring the satisfaction, have the significance, and contribute to our sense of purpose like we had hoped. It is as if we got a call from someone early on, but then the conversation just got boring and they hung up on us. In this session, Aaron Simmons (Professor of Philosophy) will draw on philosophical wisdom to think practically about how finding your calling is less about checking a box in your career, and more about becoming faithful to what matters. Whether a few years out of college, in mid-life, or entering retirement, this session will help us re-align what we do with who we are hoping to be. This webinar is sponsored by the Cothran Center for Vocational Reflection.