The Hidden Science of "Dream Teams"

November 18th at 12:00 PM EST

Event will begin in 49 days and 13 hours

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Despite all the adages about "synergy" and two heads being better than one, human groups usually get slower and have more problems the larger they get—especially when they're made up of people with diverse ideas and communication styles. And yet some teams do manage to truly become more than the sum of their parts. What makes the difference? Journalist and explorer Shane Snow, author of the #1 business bestseller "Dream Teams", will present the counter-intuitive answers—and some juicy stories from science and history. Shane Snow is an award-winning entrepreneur, explorer, and journalist who has helped expose gun traffickers and government corruption, explored abandoned buildings and sewers around the world, eaten only ice cream for weeks in the name of science, and taught hundreds of thousands of people to work better through his books, including the #1 business bestseller "Dream Teams". Snow speaks globally about innovation and human behavior, has performed comedy on Broadway, and has been in the running for the Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism. His writing has appeared in GQ, Fast Company, Wired, The New Yorker, and more. He is currently a board member of the media technology company Contently, and the investigative journalism nonprofit The Hatch Institute.