Canning Red Wine Jelly with CSU Extension

Picture this: there are steaming pots and pans all over the stove, the humidity is approximately 110% and there are delicious fruit EVERYwhere. This is just another day in the life of a canner! This scene may sound familiar as food preservation is making a comeback in many homes across the country. Food preservation and local foods were once a fact of life and ensured people had healthy food to eat year-round; but as times have changed, many of us have lost the knowledge and skills required to preserve our own foods. Join us and learn NEW skills of canning in person or at home! Arapahoe County Extension office is here to help! Sheila Gains, with CSU Extension will be presenting to the CSU Alumni on how to can Red Wine Jelly.  

Come with your questions and leave with a new sense of confidence ready to tackle the joys of canning.