Managing Change

Possibly the strangest thing about what’s happening right now is the fact that everyone – in the entire world – is experiencing some form of the same thing. While the pandemic is undoubtedly showing up differently for everyone, one thing remains – we’re all shifting our way of life, and subsequently moving through the same stages of change. We’ve had to let go of what was (like something as simple as being able to sit and talk with friends at your favorite coffee shop) and eventually accept what is (not knowing how long this will last or what will happen by the time it's over). In this webinar, we'll talk about how to recognize what stage of change you and others are in, how to help yourself and others move through the stages, why it's so important to give yourself grace during this unprecedented time, and how to build resiliency for whatever lies ahead." Angela Hayes, Ph.D., Board Certified Coach Associate Director of Alumni and Online Career Engagement