Career & Professional Development: The One Thing

We have all experienced the last two years in a myriad of ways and various depths of loss. Many of us feel exhausted and depleted by it all. The one positive thing that has been stated in a number of ways is that this time has given people a chance to really reflect on their lives and make decisions about changes that they’d like to make going forward. For many, knowing where to start on these new journeys seems daunting at best. This is where the concept and research on "The One Thing" by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan comes in. Their research and best practices gives us the tools to make decisions about what is most important to us,  discusses the value of simplifying our workloads by starting with larger goals and then breaking them down and down until you get to the one thing you need to accomplish each day, and how each day builds on the success of the one before. Join Angela Hayes, associate director of alumni and online career engagement, for tips & tricks to help you dream big and put the tools in place to achieve those dreams.