All Things Possible: Overcoming Addiction and the Road to Recovery

Presented on: Wednesday, June 16th at 12:00 PM EDT

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In this Binghamton Learning Network webinar, Merrit Hartblay '76, MSW '16, will talk about his personal battle with addiction. He will discuss his road to recovery and how he was given the chance to live two lives in one lifetime. Hartblay will also talk about how addiction is a family disease and how so many lives are affected, not just the life of the addict. He'll also discuss how his book Lost Innocence came to be, and the development of his weekly podcast Recovery Road. 

Hartblay is a therapist, social worker and chemical dependency counselor. He provides counseling for individuals and families struggling with substance abuse and addiction issues. He is also a lecturer for the Outreach Training Institute, which has trained more than 3,000 prospective and active drug and alcohol treatment counselors since 1997. He lectures several times a year at Binghamton University. Hartblay is on the advisory board for Drug Free Long Island, and provides talks on suicide prevention and intervention.

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