Taking Aim: Developing Effective Cancer Therapies

Presented on: Tuesday, April 27th at 12:00 PM EDT

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A Binghamton University faculty member who is a prolific oncology researcher is the featured speaker for TIER Talks - Talks that Inspire, Educate and Resonate.

Tracy Brooks, assistant professor of pharmaceutical sciences and the inaugural Menner Family Endowed Faculty Fellow at Binghamton University. leads the session "Taking Aim: Developing Effective Cancer Therapies" sponsored by the Binghamton University Alumni Association.  Brooks discusses her research in oncology, anti-cancer therapies and the development of new targets for cancer-fighting drugs. 

Since the Alumni Association introduced TIER Talks in 2014, the speaker series has leveraged distinguished Binghamton alumni and faculty to address current topics such as political polarization, neuroscience of addiction and global humanitarian efforts.