How to Get Started in Volunteering

Presented on: Tuesday, April 4th at 2:00 PM EDT

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Are you inspired by engaging with other generous volunteers to create a positive impact? How do you feel when you give back to your community? There are many different opportunities where you can contribute your time and participate in activities you enjoy. Volunteering is a meaningful way to add value to the lives of those who may not be as fortunate, to become more personally fulfilled, and to build a larger social network. This webinar offered during National Volunteer Month will allow you to figure out where and how to get started.

Josh Goldberg '18 has worked with Twill (formerly known as Happify Health) since January 2022. In addition to leading the reporting strategy for the user coaching program, he uncovers novel product and technology insights to drive revenue growth while contributing to enhancing mental healthcare for more than 70,000 individuals across more than 95 countries within the Twill community. He enjoys finding data trends in healthcare and sports, as well as sharing career advice with students. To apply his passion for giving back to others, he has been an active volunteer for nearly 20 years. He looks forward to sharing meaningful volunteering experiences and encouraging fellow alumni to take part in the upcoming Binghamton University Alumni Global Days of Service April 21-23.

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