Rethinking Success: Thriving in the Modern World

Presented on: Saturday, October 18th at 1:30 PM EDT

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Rethinking Success: Thriving in the Modern World was the subject of the inaugural TIER Talks, held on campus during Homecoming 2014. Fred Luskin '76, director of the Stanford Forgiveness Project, joined three Binghamton faculty members in discussing what people should value in life and how they should define success. 

Our featured speakers were:
Kimberly Jaussi 
Associate Professor, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Binghamton University School of Management
Fellow, Center for Leadership Studies

Matthew D. Johnson
Professor of Psychology, Binghamton University
Director, Marriage and Family Studies Laboratory

Frederic Luskin '76 
Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project
Author of Forgive for Good, published by Harper Collins

Christopher Morgan-Knapp 
Associate Professor of Philosophy, Binghamton University

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